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Computerized HP 8452 diode array Request More Information

Olis, Inc. offers a Windows software package for tower and laptop PCs. With the Olis computerization, the HP 8452 (yours or a warranted one from us) collects up to ten scans per second. The display of scans is now practically instantaneous: today’s Olis software collects and displays 100 scans on the screen in 10 seconds! Data handling – from extracting fixed wavelength kinetic traces to fitting the 3D files to selected kinetic equations – is easy, fast, and effective.

HP 8452 DA- original configuration

HP 8452 DA with Peltier cell holder

View the HP 8452 Diode Array Brochure

Add our new FMX-2 fast mixing accessory to any HP 8452!

Olis, Inc. presents its new Fast Mixer accessory, the Olis FMX-2, for use with the HP 8452 Diode Array spectrometer. This integrated mixing and data acquisition system is perfect for teaching and research laboratories that have a need for faster mixing than manual pipette injection, but cannot justify the need or cost of a “stopped-flow.” 

The Olis FMX-2 supports study of reactions with rate constants up to 2s-1.  When the Olis SpectralWorks data acquisition/ instrument control software is operating the HP 8452, data acquisition rates up to 10 scans per second are supported. The mixer features a 4 mm flow cell pathlength and a mixing dead time of 0.2 seconds.

View the FMX-2 fast mixing accessory press release

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